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Taekwondo League

Quality martial arts training

Classes for every age

Taught by 4th degree master ram

A unique blend between Taekwondo and American Tang Soo Do, Christian Taekwondo League (CTL) is a highly structured, form conscious dojang developing leaders in San Antonio by offering first class martial art techniques to its students, practical self-defense applications to the community and advocating Judeo-Christian values to all.
Located at 4165 Naco Perrin Blvd. San Antonio, TX 78217, Christian Taekwondo League boasts a 1600 square foot workout area featuring continguous pro 20mm floor padding throughout the floor, 6′ mirrors along entire front and back walls, seating area for guests, clean restrooms, and 24×7 security cameras covering the front, back, studio and office area.


What we offer


Taekwondo & Tang Soo Do techniques


Tanare's Derobio Eskrima


Practical Self Defense


Point and continuos Sparring


Physical fitness


Weapons (Escrima, Nunchaku, Bo staff)


various camps throughout the year

The Christian Taekwondo League is a proud member of the Tang Soo Do Karate Association, led by Grandmaster Johnny “Lightfoot” Thompson. (you can click this entire box to learn more about them!)

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Best place we have found in SA. In addition they teach with Christian values in mind. Not in it just to win but to teach your kids morals and respect. Master Ramirez is great.
Brent Forke

Excellent environment for anyone to grow and develop confidence as well as character. Highly recommend it.
GM Donny Meadows

Great leaders and amazing instructors!
Carlos R. Ramossanchez

The staff is friendly, caring and willing to go beyond their duties to encourage, motivate and empower students…overall its great for anyone who wants or needs to learn martial arts in a family oriented and professional Christian atmosphere.
Rose Quiles

I have seen my daughter thrive & grow under Master Ram’s tutelage. She’s a better martial artist, a more confident individual, stronger young lady. This dojang is for any man, woman, or child looking to hon their skills and experience personal growth.
Adrian Walthers

We love Mr. Ramirez! My two boys are thriving in the homeschool class. They are gaining strength, confidence and discipline while also growing in their relationship with Christ! What a blessing!
Stefanie Marriott

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