Self Defense class

Learn practical self defense based in classic wing chun.

Are you prepared?

Christian Taekwondo League believes that learning how to properly defend yourself is an important skill every individual should consider, regardless of age, shape or anything else. Nobody ever plans to be attacked or get caught up in a fight, but it could happen at any moment. Knowing even the most basic concepts of proper footwork and hand technique could mean the difference between life and death, for you or possibly someone you love.

Christian Taekwondo League offers community self defense classes each week for anyone interested in learning.  The class is included to all our martial arts students or you can just enroll in the self defense portion of our program a la carte.  Students will not only learn proper technique, but the importance of good grades, discipline, respecting and protecting others.

Simply call us at the information below or fill out the contact form on the right and we’ll reach out to you.  

Thank you and God bless.  Be safe out there.

Interested in self defense?

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